World Sex News

Since everyone always telephones me about what is what and what is happening we have put together the Sex Event calendar and this page is the link page for all Sex News Items.  Trust me - everyone and everything are told in these links.

World Sex News
This is a combined force of information about sexual articles, clips, events, books, sites, etc.  This is where I get all my information about the industry.  This site is updated daily and extremely current.


Adult Video News
This is the one, the company that brought all information about the industry and businesses, events, etc.  They have a few different sections from video to internet to novelties.  AVN are the organizers of adult business magazines, trade information and the Las Vegas January Shows, AVN, Internext and AEE.  This site should be visited daily for all information on the industry.
X Biz

Newer version of AVN, with lots of information from the Adult Novelty Industry and Adult Industry