Start your Own E-Commerce Website

Simply the easiest way for you to sell adult products online (the most affordable too!)


  • Adult Websites with E-commerce and Shopping Carts are extremely expensive and can easily cost over $10,000.
  • Adult ecommerce websites have more traffic than any other ecommerce site.
  • The adult product industry is growing faster online than any other business.
  • Most adult websites lack the tools to grow a long term customer relationship.
  • 98% of adult sites require programming knowledge to update and therefore are stale and out of date.


For the first time you can take control and build your own full featured adult ecommerce website for a fraction of the cost of what others pay thousands for – no programming or design skills required!

As a matter of fact getting your business online is so easy your website will be live on the internet in Just 5 Minutes!

As you know setting up an adult ecommerce website is extremely expensive (averaging over $5,000 - $10,000) by the time you buy a shopping cart, database, secure certificates, software, hardware and programmers.

Save you money! There’s A Better Way…..

HotCircle has acquired the leading ecommerce site solution and has exclusively released their easy website builder to the adult industry. This same website builder use to be only available to high end designers and internet professionals.

So now instead of paying thousands of dollars for a website you can quickly build your own high powered site for under $20!

Perfect for the Adult Industry!

This is probably the easiest and most economical way to sell products which are discreet and unique to Adults. Adult Products are not just novelties, they are any products available to adults, from diet products, exercise, information, bath and beauty, books etc.

Now anyone with an adult oriented product or service can get the exposure they need online, quickly and easily.

Since you have full control of your site you can specialize and offer your visitors a select high quality product offering that will separate you from the massive affiliate sites that overwhelm the visitor with thousands of generic products.

Save thousands with the best value on the web!

As a special introductory offer you can build your website for free! The $499 setup fee is being waived and the monthly hosting has been cut to a low $19.95.

You can get started today by taking advantage of the FREE 10 DAY TRIAL and see how easy it is to make your own adult product website. Click Here to get started.


In less than 5 minutes you can have an adult e-commerce enabled website online. Once you have your website up all you have to do is add the descriptions of the products you want to sell and add the pictures you want your visitors to see.

Adult Businesses pay thousands of dollars to get half of the functionality and features offers.

Why don't all adult businesses take advantage of this great solution?

Most adult businesses are told that they must rely on expensive consultants and programmers to provide them with the e-commerce solution they need, due to the nature of the business. These programmers charge thousands of dollars and often end up programming a scaled down shopping cart themselves or they buy a similar technology and resell it to their clients.

Why settle for a second rate shopping cart and e-commerce solution when you can have it all affordably supplied by a company that focuses all their energy on your specialized business solutions.

With HotCircle you can easily do it yourself, save a ton of money and be in total control of your online business. You will be able to do everything yourself and NEVER have to rely on an expensive programmer ever again.

Content Sites – Earn more! Link a new adult product site to your existing content site and sell products that are seen in use in your content.

Rules & Regulations
Due to merchant ID agreements, the following rules and regulations apply with the terms of service.

  • No nudity
  • All models and pictures must be over the age of majority, 18 years.
  • No Content Sites / Recurring Billing Site.
  • Warning Page is required on Home Page with any Mature Subject Matter.

Try it and see what you can do for your business!


You can either connect your existing website to the HotCircle shopping cart, catalogue and e-commerce tool or take advantage of the free website builder that is INCLUDED to build yourself a professional full featured website. The website you build is just as powerful as the shopping cart and e-commerce tools.

Your website includes all the business features you will need to succeed online and which would cost thousands if you had a designer try to copy them. Some of the features include:


100 Web Pages
Add an additional 100 pages to your product catalogues. Considering the average business website is 8 pages, you have almost infinite room to expand your site.

This feature allows your visitors to request information and have your website send it back to them immediately. The Perfect feature for providing product information, free reports and white papers.

Want the power of the big guys? The newsletter feature gives it to you. Publish your own customer newsletter and invite your visitors to subscribe. Each subscription is automatically confirmed so you are ensured that you are never accused of spamming them. This feature alone could cost you thousands if you wanted a programmer to copy it.

Let your visitors help you promote your site. You can add this handy feature and your visitors will send new customers to you with their recommendation!

Image Gallery / Photo Albums
Add 500 images to your site and in photo albums to show off to your customers. Perfect for showcasing past projects, collections, pervious works and/or your company.

Your Own Domain Name/URL
Add you own URL/Domain name to your site and look and feel like the big internet retailers. You can use any name you choose including the popular .com, .net and .org extensions. Make sure your site has added to it.

Business Email
Send email to and from your site with your own domain name. Forget about using embarrassing free email services that scream amateur. Send your email with All you have to do is add your domain name to your site and you can activate the email feature right away.

Easy Editing and Updates
You can edit and update you site as easily as typing a letter into your favorite word processor. No programming, no coding and no design knowledge required. If you can type a letter and click your mouse, you can build a great website.

If you have an offline business or need to give directions to anyone, use the handy map feature to show your customers the way.

Direct traffic from your online website to your offline store by taking advantage of the coupon feature. This feature will really tie together your offline and online marketing efforts.

PLUS Much Much More!
There is so much your website includes that it would take another 10 pages to complete the descriptions. You simply have to give the free trial a try to see everything you get! Some of the features we have not yet covered include:

Message Boards
Contact Us Pages
Links Pages
FAQ Pages
Polling / Survey Pages
Online Articles Feature
Press Release Feature
Search Engine Submission
Guest Book
Hours Of Operation
Quest / Testimonials Page
Multimedia Page
Customer Feed Back Forms
Customer Submission Databases
Calendar Pages
200+ Professional Templates
Full Meta Tag Control.

You just have to give HotCircle a try and see all the things it can do to grow your adult business.

Your adult site is ready to grow with your business. At any time you can add additional pages, features and photos to your site, making HotCircle a solution that will grow with your business.

All the best,


President, Laskamaria Entertainment Ltd.