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This area is concentrated on articles and information about Sexual Education.  Please only look at all the information provided as opinion based and your need to understand that we offer this information for learning purposes only and you should develop your own set of opinions and beliefs about your own sexuality. Enjoy!

Laska's Sex Ed Blog

This is a link to my Wordpress Blog with lots of articles and opinions.

Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross

Betty Dodson is one of the first women who talked about masturbation.  In my viewpoint, she is amazing and wonderful woman who really tells you about sexuality from her viewpoint.  Amazing information, and her books are fantastic.  Highly recommended.

Sue Johnnson

Our famous Sex Educator in Canada (now retired in Ontario) but her articles and website still lives.  Excellent information.

Pucker Up - Sexual Education

One of my favourite Lesbians, this is her site.  Tristan lives, breathes and educates about anal sex.  Read, read, read, this is the best educator for the topic of anal sex.  Tristan has fantastic educational videos - purchase via her website, excellent videos.

The Clitoris - everything you wanted to know

I have always liked this site, it is simple and filled with tons of links to any question, concern and information about female sexuality.  Definitely should be checked out.

Dr. Ruth - famous sex educator

The US most famous Sexual Educator, Dr. Ruth.  Fantastic person, excellent speaker and well written articles.  

Sexuality Information

This site was started in a University in Washington State, USA and I strongly believe it is a great site for sexual information, links and ideas.  Highly recommended and has different sections for cities, areas etc.


Even though this site is Erotic readings information, I strongly wanted to put it under the education section as the readings and information is quite educational.  A really nice site.

Sexpressions - Sexual Education

I was reviewing the information on the World Congress of Sexology and came across this website based in Montreal, Quebec by a woman named Stephanie and she is definitely an expert in sexual education, please review her site and she offers a free Q&A section for your medical questions.  Highly recommended.

Loving You

A really interesting website about sexuality from daily astrology info, dating, romance, gift ideas, etc.  They do have a free section of sexual education and a membership area, but definitely worth a read.  Based out of Oregon state, USA.

Sexuality and You
This site was designed by Canadian doctors offering lots of information about the link with sexualtiy and health.  Highly recommended.
I Village for Women

A great site that is circled around women, and the website for some of the hottest female friendly US magazines, such as Cosmo, Marie Claire, etc.  I personally love the Quizzes and Test page under the Love & Romance section.  Definitely worth a read.

Hidden Self - journal from Jenn

My friend in San Diego, Jenn, this is her website, she does an amazing job and lots of information.  She also has a home party company in San Diego area.

Go Ask Alice
Amazing site with questions and answers about everything to do with sex.  This is a must read for men, women or couples. 

An online erotica magazine.  Lots of information, nicely designed.  Some of these articles are worth a read.  Highly recommended.

Birth Control Options

Here are some Birth Control Options available in Canada.  You should read the information and then discuss with your doctor with what works best for you.

4 Men Sex Ed Website

A website dedicated to 4 Men all about Sexual Health Issues.

Couples Compant - A Website for Couples

A great website for Couples - from sexuality, relationship and basic couples issues.

Ask Dan & Jennifer - Sex Ed

A great site out of Texas, USA regarding sexual relationships from Dan & Jennifer - great videos and articles.

The Center for Sexual Health & Education

A great website about the Sexual Health & Education - great for information.