Laska's Sex Toy Parties focus on Sex Toy Seminars in a Party atmosphere. 

I offer Seminar Parties FREE of Charge.  No deposits or minimums for Hosting a Party. 

Yes, you will receive a Hostess Discount!!!

INVENTORY is available to purchase and take home that evening, all batteries are included - no extra or hidden charges - all prices include taxes.


Sex Toy Seminar Party for Women only 

A Fun Girl's Night In focusing on Sex Ed and Sex Toys mixed with Blow Job techniques. 

I, Laska will educate you and your girlfriends about Masturbation, Vibrators and fun tips to use solo or with your partner including a few Blow Job techniques.  My educational presentation is informative yet fun and humorous.  All information and education is presented from articles and information I have found via Internet, Books etc and over 14 years in the Sex Toy Industry. 

I start the presentation discussing the Clitoral Vibrators including the popular Bullet - how to use them correctly in an entertaining manner with some added humour. 

The next topic with Sex Toys is understanding Internal Vibrators otherwise known as G-Spot Vibrators and what and where to vibrate.  Having difficulty finding that G-Spot or understand the Basics of Squirting. You and your girlfriends will learn about what type of internal vibrator works best for different body. 

After internal Vibrators, I will discuss - the Mulit-Vibrator - which is the internal and external vibrator which vibrate at the same time, such as the Jack Rabbit, Sapo and We-Vibe.

Last our Seminar Party is not complete with a basic Blow Job and Hand Job seminar on simple tips to improve your technique. This is where I introduce Lubricants and other edible treats. This seminar section is really fun and informative and perfect when you are drinking cocktails with the girlfriends.  Everyone will learn some new ideas and change the way you view Blow Jobs and Hand Jobs.

Last our Seminar Parties finish with some items that I personal tailor to each party from Bondage Gear, Novelties, Candles, Massage Oils, Games, etc. 


Sex Toy Seminar Party for Couples

This Party is perfect for Heterosexual Couples who are interested in having other couples over learning some Sex Ed mixed with Sex Toys and Sex Positions.

I, Laska will start off discussing the Bullet and how the Bullet can be uses for women on the clitoris and for men against their Penis and Balls and a great discussion on adding the Bullet to different Rings to turn them into Vibrating Cock Rings and all the positions you can imagine to use a Vibrating Cock Ring.

Next I will discuss internal vibrators like the G-Spot vibrators and we concentrate the discussion on how the partner can use the different internal vibrators on their female partners.

Of course my Couples Seminar Party would not be complete without a presentation on the WeVibe 4 and discussion on the new WeVibe 4Plus - one of the most popular couples vibrator.

Last I will discuss Lubricants and some Oral techniques. Throughout the presentation, I will give the couples tips for positions and some fun ideas to help Couples to 'keep the spark alive'/

Our course I tailor each individual party and I will have Card games, Board Games, Sex Position gear and books available.



Bachelorette Parties

My Seminar style Sex Toy Parties are perfect for Bachelorette parties.  Whether you host them in the comfort of a home or rent a hotel suite, I can work around your schedule.  My Sex Toy Bachelorette Parties are a bit more educational than other sex toy companies but I will ensure that my presentation is fun, informative and entertaining.

I have presented at many Bachelorette parties and many clients enjoy my presentation.  Please contact us direct to discuss the details of your Bachelorette Party so we can ensure you have a correct theme and type of Sex Toy Sex Ed Party for the Bride to Be and her attendees.


Divorce Parties

One of the Hottest Party Themes in the last few years.  Divorce parties where I will present lots of information and products focusing on the Single Gal.  There is no Boy talk at a Divorce Party and I will make sure of that!!!!

Host a Divorce Party with me and you and your girlfriends will enjoy a fun single Gal event and learn some fun topics all focusing around Positive Female Empowerment!!!  You won't be disappointed in our Divorce Party Seminar Party!!!


Sex SEXThiSteps when Booking a Party / Seminar

Fill out our Book a Sex Toy Party / Seminar or text me direct at 604-657-7840 or email:

  • During the initial contact, remember to keep in mind who will you invite as we cater the seminars around the people in the room.
  • Invite as many people as you can to ensure a good turnout, ( recommend 8 -15 people.) Remember to call your guests a few days before to confirm your turnout.
  • A great mix of friends, women, men, couples, you pick.
  • Give everyone a good idea of what to expect – your guest’s participation should be consensual.


On the Day of the PARTY

I will arrive 15 minutes to 1/2 hour before the party start time for set-up.

I require space in the presentation area (the main party room) and a small separate room, (the bedroom – on top of a double size bed)  for private purchasing.

I bring lots of stock to your party so there are many items to view privately.


Basic Rules 

I have simple rules and regulations.

  • Everyone attending must be 18 years of age and older.
  • If you serve alcohol at your party, please ensure no drinking and driving will occur.
  • Please be careful with taking pictures and placing them on Social Media websites – please respect personal boundaries with Social Media – I am fine with pictures of myself.  My company is not responsible for other peoples Social Media pictures from our event.
  •     I will be discussing sexuality therefore please ensure your guest will be open-minded. 
  • I take Visa, Mastercard and Cash and E-transfer for Debit.  All prices include Taxes, shipping if required is free of charge.  All batteries are included and of course their are specials offered at each party.



I guarantee your privacy and I will never sell, rent or trades your name or information to another business or organization.

I do not take pictures or discuss details on any event via any of my websites or Social Media websites – no details are exposed.


Last notes & comments on Seminar Parties

These seminar parties are designed to educate attendees more than the Basic Sex Toy Party from other companies. 

I strive to help organize a fun and informative seminar party for you.


On closing and Frequently Asked Questions

My Seminars are educational but still very entertaining and fun.

My Seminars change based on who is attending so some topics work and others change, not every party is the same.

For more information and questions / answers please click:

OR TEXT 604-657-7840 or email direct: