Educating Your Child

The list of information below are links to websites helping you educate your child about sex and sexuality.  I am a mother and one of the things I have realized is the misinformation my child has received from television, media and especially from other children.  I put this section together for parents to read about methods, skills and information to help you communicate to your child about sex and sexuality.  The information provided is only a reference for you and it is all opinion ed based, so you develop what works for you and your family.

Saleema Noon - Vancouver, BC based

This is one of the Sex Educators that has seminars within the Vancouver School system.  My child has taken one or two of her courses and they are very good.


Canadian based - information about how to talk to your children about sexuality.  Lots of good information. 

Sexuality and U

Based in Canada - developed by doctors.  Lots of information - aged based.  Excellent.


US based and more about information for teens about sex, it is a great read to understand what the current teenagers are asking about.