Sex Ed with A Twist

Who is behind Sex Ed with A Twist?

This company -  was started because I wanted to create an atmosphere where all our clients, friends, customers etc. could understand where we are in the industry and organize all our websites and businesses into one - company umbrella.

The company, Sex Ed with A Twist is an 'umbrella'; for Laskamaria Entertainment Ltd and it stands for, Sexual Education but in a Fun Atmosphere - a Twist. 

The venture was brought together to distribute some of the highest quality and unique adult novelties in the world that was not currently offered in the market and offer these products in bulk packaging only or limited pornographic packaging.

Laska is just an average woman having a great time in this business and has been involved in this industry for over 14 years.

Sex Ed with a Twist is our umbrella to all our businesses and friends in the Sex Industry, so enjoy, read and become part of our group, via our Mailing List, Twitter and Facebook Accounts.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Laska - or

Tel: 604-657-7840 - Pacific Standard time line is open 9:00 am to 10:00 pm every day.

Mailing Address:

Laskamaria Ent Ltd/ Sex Ed with a Twist

Suite 601-1917 West 4th Avenue. Vancouver, BC  V6J 1M7