Clothing Sexual / Fetish

This page is dedicated to websites offering Sexual Clothing from fetish gear, lingerie, masks, leather, PVC, latex - items related to SEX.

Church of Sinvention Fetish Gear - Canadian based

Based in Ontario, Canada - amazing fetish gear from medical to some amazing sex toys. Please click via my affiliate code.  Based in Canada so no extra duties from Canada Customs etc. 

JT Stockroom - USA based

Based in LA, USA - one of the best fetish gear on the internet excellent reputation - check it out. This is one of my favourite Fetish websites for products for all sorts of Fetishes.  Please click on the title above to gain access.

Maui Kink - USA based

Based in Maui, Hawaii islands, USA - amazing bondage gear - hand crafted.

Electro Fur - Canadian based

Based out of Calgary, Alberta - fur based outfits - pricey but worth it. Check it out.

Ware's Wear - Canadian based

Based in Alberta, fetish gear and clothing - lots to explore. Check it out.

Oculto Masks - Canadian based

Amazing Masks - individually handmade masks - beautiful designs - pricey but check it out.

Punitive Shoes - Italy based

These Fetish shoes are amazing - based in Italy - therefore expensive shipping to North America. But amazing shoes. Check it out.